work stuff

Have trouble sleeping? Read some of my reports and analyses!

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course materials

I created most of these materials for undergraduate math and statistics courses at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.

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Course Description Taught
STAT300: Modern Probability & Statistics Calculus-based course for math and engineering majors. 2003-17
STAT301: Statistical Modeling Modeling and experimental design. 2004-17
STAT123: Introduction to Data Science Based on the book R for Data Science. 2017
MATH171: Elementary Functions Prerequisite-free General Education math course. 2003-16
MATH 340: Secondary Math Methods Course for pre-service math teachers. 2009-15

other stuff

Waste your time with this other stuff.

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The first and only two songs I created in Garageband.


With the completely original Brents vs. Brians game.

Other webpages

Some webpages, dashboards, and other web thingies.


Who knows what crazy stuff you'll find?

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